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Website Blahs?

Do you have a website that just needs a facelift? Iowa Web Design can modernize your site with the latest design trends.

Website Lonely?

Is your website failing to get the traffic you hoped for? We can help! We have nearly a decade of experience in optimizing web pages for search engine placement.






Design Philosophy

If the site's design is only for appearances chances are you'll distract users from your products and services by hindering performance and usability. Elaborate graphics and plug-ins take time to load and may actually drive users away.

Your website needs are very different if you are a nationally known brand, than if you are a B2B procurement site for the chemical industry. In some cases visual extravagance is essential to maintaining a company's brand image. In others, such extravagance would be merely annoying at best.

If flashing graphics and pop-up windows aren't functional elements--that is, elements that add value and ultimately result in revenue in some way--it is better to keep things simple.

Your site's design must also help users browse your site and take it in. One way to achieve this goal is by carefully organizing a "design hierarchy" or "drill down" for your site. Breaking down each page into concise sections and arranging them in order of importance will enable users to find what they want more easily. Consistent nomenclature and iconography are equally as important.
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Website Design Fees

Fees vary according to website type (i.e. Flash, html, PHP, eCommerce). We try to keep our prices very competitive. Our motto is "No outrageous promises - No outrageous prices!" We know that in order to get a solid ROI on your website project, costs need to be contained. IWD can help you meet your project goals...within your budget.



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